The Diversity Networking Platform

Percena is currently
invite-only. Priority access
for women, LGBT, people
of color, and new graduates.

Launching Early 2017.

Why Percena?

Achieve Your Full Potential

Be Your Best

Easily create a profile that represents you. Get in front of the right contacts and hiring managers with the click of a button. Control exactly who sees what.

Explore Opportunities

Discover jobs exclusively posted on Percena. Research other industries. Learn about company benefits you won't find on websites, like mentorship programs, diversity info, and parental leave benefits.

Connect and find

Invite and add your contacts to stay in touch. Engage with others who share your interests and goals.

Be Mentored or Mentor

Open yourself to new opportunities. Contribute your experience to the community. Be recognized for it.

Stories & Events

Percena Co-Hosts at White House Summit on Women

Over 72 million women make up 50% of the US workforce.

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Why Diversity is the Future of the Workplace

Diversity in the workplace means hiring — and nurturing— many different kinds of people and perspectives.

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Personal Branding: What You Need to Know and Why

Making a positive impression is crucial in business.

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